« Galette des rois 2018 »

LA GALETTE DES ROIS is a pastry traditionally eaten on Twelfth Night in France

On Saturday, January 20, we had a jolly good time at the Galette party organized by ARIV. About 40 of us gathered in Le Placieux, including foreign students eager to discover this weird French tradition.

The Mayor and his wife dropped in, as well as Marie-Claude Deluce, Pierre Baumann and Jean-François Trassard.

François Grand shared some historical light on this tasty French ritual before we indulged in the delicious Galette and hot chocolate , provided by Maison Musquar.

Several kings and queens were appointed and it was a first for most of them. Not everyone can become a king or queen, you see, so the new sovereigns will have special memories to share.
See you next year !