place stan

Foreign students now arriving at le placieux student residence

This year, at the instigation of Jean-Jacques Delmas, ARIV members have taken action to welcome foreign students, as ‘Back to school’ time has arrived.

They met in late afternoon to help them settle down, show them Nancy around and shops where they will find what they need.

17 students gathered to go and see the sound and light show and have a drink on Place Stanislas. They come from Guinea, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Brasil, Japan, China, etc.

Said one student : “I walked 30 km through Nancy to discover the city.”
Jean-Jacques called on ARIV members to give useful things to them, like plates, mugs, glasses, cutlery, etc. A microwave oven was provided to Lesha, a science student from Ukraine who was here last year and is going to stay till 2020. He enjoys living in Villers-les-Nancy.

If French families are ready to invite a student for a meal, or give out kitchenware, they should visit or go to the Associations Forum on September 8 in Les Ecraignes.

place stan