International Relations of Villers-lès-Nancy


This association aims to encourage and foster international relations, to introduce different cultures to the inhabitants of Villers-les-Nancy.

  • Would you like to join us in upcoming events ?
  • Could you invite a foreign student to share a meal in your home, between now and March 2018 ?
  • Are you a foreign student eager to be invited by a Villers family ?
  • Then please tell us about it

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Raclette Party - July 7,2017

P 20170707 194559 SRESDid you say Raclette Party ? Yes we did ! As our Ukrainian friends were about to leave Villers-les-Nancy, they had not tasted yet the famous Raclette. Annick, our President, just could not imagine they would go before experiencing this milestone of French gastronomy. In spite of the sweltering weather, and breaking with tradition, when she […]"read more "

Music day – June 25, 2017

P 20170625 122927 SRESIn Parc Madame de Graffigny with ARIV As every year, ARIV took an active part in this event. Visitors were offered an aperitif by ARIV, then shared their picnic lunch in the sun or In the shade, enjoyed the company of friends and listened to free concerts. It was a magic moment, when time seemed […]"read more "

An excellent daytrip with ARIV & 12 foreign students

P 20170617 085401 SRESWe went to Epinal by bus to visit the Musée de l’Imagerie, which offers plenty of explanations and demonstrations. François Grand grabbed the microphone to be our guide for the day and to translate Annick’s words into several languages, including English, Ukrainian, Lorrain, etc. We were much impressed in the museum by a number of […]"read more "

Big barbecue at Annick and Francois's place

P 20170526 192205 SRESOn a lovely, summery evening our friends Annick and François Grand organized a tasteful and tasty BBQ. Everyone took an active part in the making of salads, grilling, desserts and drinks. A bunch of Ukrainian students concocted typical marinated meat, called “Chichliks”. Our friends from BRAVO and their German guests from Oerlinghausen—twin city of Villers—also […]"read more "